Services and equipment for managing indoor air and energy consumption

Founded in 2017, Small Data Garden designs and manufactures high-quality solutions and products for indoor air quality monitoring, measurement and management of buildings that can be easily integrated into existing solutions. The company’s IOTSU® services and products are based on artificial intelligence, sensor technology and cloud services.

“We design solutions and devices that help real estate management and maintenance teams to optimize indoor air quality and ventilation in buildings. Our goal is to offer high-quality and very durable solutions that enable both energy savings and savings in maintenance costs,” sums up Small Data Garden’s Partner & Chairman Timo Liukko. Small Data Garden’s services enable savings of up to 20% in energy costs related to indoor air and around 30% in maintenance costs.

Timo Liukko, Partner & Chairman, Small Data Garden

The solutions and products developed by Small Data Garden are based on AI and wireless technologies. The sensors measure data that is transferred directly to the cloud, making it easy for real estate maintenance to monitor data and receive alerts in real time. “In property maintenance and related costs, it is important to be able to anticipate potential problems beforehand,” says Liukko.

The company’s red thread in product development is that the device solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing systems. In addition, when designing products, it is essential that the devices are durable in harsh external conditions and produce reliable data. Small Data Garden’s products are also strongly domestic: the company’s IOTSU® products and service solutions are developed and maintained in Finland. They are also tested and manufactured in Finland.

Small Data Garden’s team has worked closely with IoT Forge in building the company’s business plans and partnership network, and in testing service solutions and products. “The cooperation with IoT Forge exceeded our expectations. We have been particularly pleased with the practical help and sparring,” says Liukko.

The lessons learned by Liukko and his team for building company’s business success are clear. “Belief in one’s own doing, the courage to try, tenacity and persistence are the key things. And above all, the ability to package the services and product offering into a salable entity,” sums up Liukko. Liukko also emphasizes the importance of partnership and ecosystem networks, which can open doors to large customer projects.

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