Sensoan expands its business to the commercial IoT market

Focused on intelligent IoT solutions, Sensoan is growing its business by developing more commercial, off-the-shelf products and solutions. IoT Forge has been a significant partner in developing the first solution designed for Sensoan’s new business expansion, the Sensoan GW-100 and the completely new Sensoan IoT Gateway platform.

Until now, Sensoan’s business has been largely based on individually tailored solutions for its customers. Now the company has decided to expand its business to more commercially ready solutions, the first of which is the Sensoan GW-100 developed in cooperation with IoT Forge.

“We see that now is the right time for us to expand our operations to a commercially scalable product and service model. The IoT market has matured and is now at the stage where there is a clear need on the market for commercial smart solutions instead of customized pilot projects,” says Sensoan’s CEO Jukka Kontulainen.

Sensoan selected IoT Forge as one of its main development partners. “IoT Forge’s sparring and peer support, expertise and know-how, experience in problem solving and product development in various fields has been extremely useful and valuable for us”, Kontulainen sums up.

The low power consumption, modularity, and adaptability of the new Sensoan IoT Gateway platform allow the different versions of the product to be used as a smart locator and for remote monitoring of objects without electricity. Expanded versions of the product can be used, for example, for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption. Local measurement and control processes can be implemented both with wired and inexpensive wireless sensors. Customers for the solutions can be real estate and maintenance companies, and companies that optimize energy consumption or manufacturers of building modules.

Sensoan’s team has a deep understanding and expertise in wireless data transmission, various network solutions, sensors, and the development of low-power solutions. “When we joined forces with IoT Forge, which has significant cumulative expertise in product requirements and software development, we got to a truly deep level in the development of our new product and platform solution. When it comes to developing prototypes, IoT Forge’s know-how is in its own league. In addition, we got some valuable learnings in the project management,” Kontulainen says.

Sensoan, founded in 2016 and located in Salo, Finland, designs and develops smart IoT solutions for the needs of various industries. For the construction industry and real estate services, Sensoan develops solutions that can be used to comprehensively monitor the temperature and humidity of the selected sites. For industrial logistics and transportation, Sensoan offers solutions to monitor the conditions and quality of transport. In addition, Sensoan is a partner for companies that operate in challenging conditions and need daily maintenance monitoring.

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