Improved electrical distribution with Safegrid

Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid System helps utilities achieve better visibility into their grid. In addition, real time alerts with exact location information enable faster repairs of faults, which minimizes and shortens service interruptions and downtime.

The company currently employs seven professionals with experience in grid technology, international business, product creation, sales and strategy development.

”The development of the product idea started already several years before the company was established. The founders of Safegrid had good understanding of the problems related to grid management and they were developing solutions to them together with leading research institutes and companies in the field. Safegrid was established in July 2019, and with the first funding round in place already in October, we were able to survey the market and test the product idea together with customers,” CEO Jussi Hakunti. says.

At the same time, also the cooperation with IoT Forge began. It involved constructing mechanical prototypes and reviewing hardware architecture design, in addition to which IoT Forge’s test laboratory and measuring instruments were in use.

Installation of Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö’s grid in -20 °C degrees.

Support, reinforcement and feedback from IoT Forge

”We already had a completed plan and basic technology which we utilized in the solution. IoT Forge’s value added was the constructive feedback they gave to our solution model and which we took into account. It was also important to get support and reinforcement for our decision-making. In our joint discussions, there always came out also something new to consider,” Jussi explains.

Despite scheduling challenges, the project stayed well on schedule, and the first version of Safegrid’s Greyfox™ sensor was launched in about six months. Safegrid began its first customer deliveries in February 2020 when the actual field pilots were started. Straight after these projects, when Safegrid had gained user experience and feedback from the customers, further development of the product began. Today, Safegrid has over a dozen utility customers in Finland and abroad.

Active collaboration with IoT Forge continues: two projects are in progress, with several planned still during this year. The joint development of Grayfox will continue, too. This includes e.g. design review, constructing prototypes and laboratory work.

Jussi wants to encourage all new product or service developers to contact IoT Forge. ”The threshold to join is low and the process is really fast. When you have a ready idea, a prototype or a product you want to develop, submit an application or call IoT Forge. Their experts are top professionals in their field and can advise you really well on how to move forward with your project,” concludes Jussi.

CEO Jussi Hakunti

Company information

Safegrid Oy is based in Aalto Startup Center in Otaniemi
Established: July 2019.
Personnel: 7 employees
Products: Safegrid Intelligent Grid System™ which includes wireless Greyfox™ and Greyhawk™ sensors as well as Grid Guardian™ cloud-based monitoring system.
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