BeneCare: helping to develop the next generation of senior care communities today

Many seniors and their relatives have relied on technology to stay connected during isolation and keep tabs on loved ones. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Benete Oy carefully followed the change in people’s behaviour and observed an increase in the use of technology, leading to a greater appreciation of the positive aspects of technology in daily lives and a greater sense of comfort around new technological devices in senior care communities. 

In the early months of the COVID-19 outbreak, there were some terrifying moments for senior home residents and their families, who were anxiously awaiting information regarding their parents’ health and safety. “Having spoken with several of these families, including mine, I can say that they no longer wish to be kept in the dark about their parents’ health and wellbeing,” says Kari Bäckman, CEO of Benete Oy.

Benete Oy CEO Kari Bäckman

Feedback showed that senior living communities must keep up with technological advancements and strive to make their communities better places for their residents and their family members. This includes making care delivery and processes more secure and efficient for their residents and their families.”

“We created BeneCare to assist senior care organizations in improving care efficiency with functionality data, making care services more efficient and meaningful”, Bäckman says. Using non-intrusive technologies and clinically tested devices, care providers can anticipate changes and continuously assess person’s functional capabilities at different stages of his/her life.

Unlike many current health and wellbeing services, BeneCare safely collects valuable data from various systems, sources, and data producers to create a description of the person’s way of life on daily basis.

The service integrates various sensors and connectors into a single system. The sensors communicate with the BeneCare platform via a router, where the data is securely stored and analyzed. The user-friendly system doesn’t require any technical skills. The care team can easily assess people’s ways of living holistically, going beyond the basic measurement of physiological data.

Notifications and alarms are customized to meet the specific needs of each senior care facility. BeneCare include a wide range of services covering activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) – which include monitoring health vitals, activity, movement, presence, moving aids, sleep quality and rest, hygiene, food preparation, and even media usage.

“The collaboration with the IoT Forge’s experts was valuable both to our team and the development of our services. The results were in line with the project’s goals; even though, as is often typical for new development projects, some tweaks were made along the way. Shared knowledge helped our team in developing even more technical capabilities. IoT Forge’s support gave us tangible benefits throughout the service development process, from the earliest stages of service development to the final stages, Bäckman says. “Since our solution became commercially available, we’ve received positive feedback on how our BeneCare service can assist senior living communities in improving resident wellbeing and care efficacy.”

Benete Oy

We believe in individual independence, digital dignity and valuable life. Our service supports the day-to-day work of care professionals by providing them with real word data (RWD). With this information, caregivers can provide more personalized and effective care to their clients, and their clients can enjoy their lives for as long as possible. More information:

BeneCare is designed to support the everyday work of caretakers, physiotherapists, nurses and doctors working in elderly care. It assists them to ensure the safe, effective, and productive care of customers at all times by making the patient monitoring more efficient and meaningful.