How can our company get access to the IoT Forge Foundation’s laboratory?

If you are a company with operations in Finland developing IoT solutions and need support for building a prototype and/or testing the business potential of your idea, you can apply for a period in the foundation’s laboratory by filling in this form.

How soon will I hear if my company’s application to use the laboratory has been accepted?

Our aim is to process the applications approximately once a week.

Where is the laboratory located?

You can find us in Keilaniemi, Espoo.

What is the cost for companies to use the laboratory?

t is free of charge. Support provided by the foundation does not result in any ownership or IPR commitments from the company to the foundation.

How many companies can work in the laboratory at the same time?

Our premises accommodate several companies simultaneously, with separate guest rooms available for up to three companies at a time. We carefully consider the number of simultaneous customer companies and their needs in the laboratory so that the necessary confidentiality can be ensured.

For how long can a company work in the laboratory?

The typical period is one week, but this will be assessed depending on the number of companies applying and the work that needs to be done. Development projects usually take more time, and these will be discussed together with the customer companies. You can also apply to use the laboratory more than once.

How do you take care of trade secrets?

Companies working in our laboratory have a lockable room of their own for storing confidential materials. In addition, each employee of the foundation has a non-disclosure agreement, and a separate non-disclosure agreement is signed with each company. The supervision of work in the laboratory takes place in such a way that the projects of companies working there are not visible to anyone else.

Where does the foundation get its funding from?

The establishment of the IoT Forge Foundation was made possible through a one-time investment of USD 14 million by Microsoft.

Is the operation of the laboratory limited only to the use of certain platforms?

Not at all. Any developers of IoT innovations, regardless of the platform, are welcome. As long as you have operations in Finland.